“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”


Dr. Gabriel Bartholomew is one of the world’s most successful Neuroscientists, but nobody knows the real secret to his success. In pre-med, alongside Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, he studied xenobiology. While investigating the behaviour of microorganisms from an ancient meteorite, he discovered a unique strain of bacteria with astonishing intelligence and regenerative properties he called it the GenoBacillus Ingeniator. After years of secret experimentation, he’s developed an unusual symbiotic relationship between the super microorganism and himself. With Gabriel’s direction, the Ingeniator can create a microscopic Bio-Armor in any living thing, and Gabriel can send his consciousness into it and become it. With his vast surgical knowledge and his microscopic size, he can fix neurological ailments traditional surgery would have no hope of remedying.

The Science:

  1. Bacterial Symbiosis: Gabriel’s microscopic bio-armour is made by GenoBacillus Ingeniator that responds to his mental commands. When he transfers his essence into the armour the Ingeniator bacteria can form a protective shell around him, enhancing his durability and granting him the ability to manipulate its shape and properties.
  2. Mitochondrial Power Packs: Gabriel’s bio-armour is powered by specialized mitochondria within his host organism. These mitochondria act as energy generators, enabling him to sustain his bio-armour, travel within it, and access a wide range of defensive and offensive capabilities.
  3. Biological Debris Integration: The bio-armour can incorporate biological debris, such as proteins and cell fragments, to enhance its functions. It can assimilate these materials to repair neural pathways or fortify its structural integrity.
  4. Neurological Expertise: Gabriel’s deep understanding of neuroscience, combined with his ability to operate at a microscopic scale, allows him to diagnose and treat complex neurological ailments that traditional surgery or medical procedures couldn’t address.
  5. Biological Manipulation: He can manipulate the genetic code of the Ingeniator bacteria surrounding his bio-armour to adapt to various situations. This enables him to create specialized defenses, counteract infections, or even produce beneficial biochemicals for specific medical treatments.


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