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Cloaked in secrecy and privy only to the rich and famous, 69 is in the business of fulfilling your sexual fantasies. Adonis Campbell is its instrument and he’s the best at what he does. A master of the art of seduction and satisfying a woman, Adonis is a handsome, streetwise gigolo, who with his high-tech crew has carved out a piece of L-Town’s lucrative prostitution business. But being the best means having enemies. A run of the mill sex scenario turns out to be far from routine as the well heeled client turns out instead to be his girlfriend bound, beaten and very dead. But that was only a message. In hours his whole crew will be assassinated and he’s to be next. Aided by a smooth and connected Triad mobster who claims to be his girl’s brother he goes in search of revenge. But with all the leads pointing to a corporate conspiracy, Adonis is caught between finding the killers of his crew, evading bounty hunters on his trail and satisfying the string of horny women on 69’s exclusive books.

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Omar Watson aka Bushman is the military intelligence of Jamaica’s best kept secret but after a change of government, a change of allegiances and his unit is locked down, their existence denied. His world disintegrates further as his girl - Precious Jackson - leaves him for Everett his brother. Omar disappears from public view for his own safety; he grows his locks, changes his features with plastic surgery and starts a fresh on his ancestral land in Westmoreland, his past life a memory. Everett takes an entirely different path. Everett is a financial genius in London who has devised an A.I controlled algorithm that can make him win more times than he can lose on the stock market. It seems that Everett was playing the dangerous game of mixing his legitimate business with the schemes hatched by the savvy new set of London villain, thinking he could invest their dirty money and not get tainted. He is about to pay the price for his naivety. Everett is kidnapped and forced to use his skills to help bolster the flagging fortunes of a desperate drug baron Roberto Giannini or the investor’s family dies. Bushman drops everything, leaving Jamaica for London but is totally unprepared for gang warfare between two feudal families, one of which was holding his brother. Having no choice but to play the deadly games he finds himself involved in, Bushman faces up against the capitals new breed of gangsters and prepares to do battle. Find his brother before they kill him, protect Precious and her daughter and keep his raging emotions for her in check. The odds are against him but he wouldn’t have it any other way. London was about to experience a bout of law enforcement, Yard style.

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He is a product of the ghetto's of Jamaica and is about to learn the true meaning of the word, survival. Simba Ranking is a talented Dancehall deejay, who has learnt to live with the harsh realities of downtown Kingston, Jamaica and emerge a wiser 'yout'. The violence and poverty is what he wanted to escape from and only through dancehall music would he achieve it. And then his future is suddenly determined when he meets the mysterious and sensual Monique St. John. She is the woman of his dreams rich and highly connected, making his ascent to the top almost assured. But the dream turns to a horrible nightmare as Simba finds out Monique is married to one of the most ruthless and influential politicians on the island, Hugh St. John. The Saint finds out from his sources his wife has been less than faithful to him and pledges Simba will pay for that act of disrespect with his life. Suddenly the odds are stacked against him and for Simba Ranking time was running out. He is relentlessly hunted by the Saints hired assassins through the Dancehall’s of Kingston, New-York and London. To survive he has only his ruthless ambition to succeed, Monique by his side ‘an a’ big Four-Fifth in his waist.

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Bad II the Bone: Volume 1

Beauty is only skin deep but evil is Bad to the Bone. Yvonne Y Sinclair, Suzanne Suzy Wong Young and Cleo Patra Jones are three ordinary women who share an inseperable kinship and extraordinary mystical powers. They have an itch to scratch that only financial freedom would give them. Bad II the Bone – was to be that freedom. An emporium of health and beauty providing everything the 21st century woman needed to shine. But when Y’s ex steals their seed money, higher powers intervene and set them on their true course. They have been ordained with the power of the Watunza Mwanga – legendary guardians of the light who have protected the balance between good over evil since civilization began – and they are compelled to continue in that rich tradition as modern day bodyguards. They cross paths with Spokes - a successful club promoter who is the catalyst for supernatural murder and mayhem on the streets of London. Enoch Lacombe aka Darkman - a Jamaican Vodun of unspeakable talent - was settling old scores with a power that was ancient and terrible in an orgy of bloodshed. Spokes has something he wants and he is cutting a bloody swath through the cities criminal underworld to get to him. Their mission now is to keep Spokes alive – a key to their destiny - but that was easier said than done. They may be the chosen warriors of the light but when Darkman unleashes hell on earth Bad II the Bone with the aid of smooth Detective Inspector Winston Shaft McFarlane, must face their greatest fears to stop a tidal wave of evil.

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In the Days of Dread

On the streets of a future London, race hate gangs have been waging a bloody war for years. A united Africa and a struggling European Union have fuelled a dangerously twisted sense of patriotism amongst a desperate few. In a city gone mad two people were searching for sanity amidst the confusion. Yasmeen Beyene – a beautiful Rasta historian is facing a series of tragedies in her life that are more than mere misfortune. Asim Marshal – Ex lieutenant of Special OP’S Africa, has returned from the bloody conflicts on the continent to rebuild a family he nearly destroyed. They both meet at a family reunion and are inexplicably drawn to each other. But their relationship is to be tested to its core by a family history Yasmeen knows nothing about. A history that goes back to the formation of the Nation of Ras Tafari twenty-five years ago. An evil leader that wants to become the symbolic figurehead of Rasta worldwide – his ultimate destiny – and who craves Yasmeen’s blood to succeed. He has killed relentlessly before and would do so again. Only Yasmeen’s determination to find the answers, Asim’s battle hardened skills and a long dead Rasta mystic can save them against a demagogue who will let nothing stand in his way. War Inna Babylon!

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Joshua N’Gon:Last Prince of Alkebulahn

When a secret world of ancient alien kingdoms and evil corporations clashes with adolescents, school, and homework. You won't be able to put down this wild adventure of discovery, friendship, and coming of age! What would you do if you discovered you were descended from ancient alien African royalty and you could hold the key to save your friends, family, and the world from evil destructive forces? Joshua N’Gon seemed like an ordinary boy. Raised in a loving foster home in north London and a gifted student at the St Augustine private school. But as he grew older, a thirst for meaning and true purpose began to grow greater and greater… With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility On Joshua’s tenth birthday he received mysterious packages from his birth parents. Parents who had left him as a baby under mysterious circumstances. Opening the packages, he would find gifts that would forever change him both mentally and physically. Magical technology unlike anything he had ever seen and the best part, only he could use it. But his secrets would not stay that way for long. Evil forces were gathering and they would stop at nothing to acquire the powerful science behind his amazing inventions With the help of his two best friends, Brick and Mina, Joshua sets out to develop his abilities, find his real parents and stop the Technology Billionaire Kanu Umbekwi from subjugating the planet. Buckle up and get ready to go on an exciting thrill ride, full of suspense, mystery, and alien technology with Joshua N’Gon, The Last Prince of Alkebulahn.

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Chauffeur: Urban Fantastic Shorts

CHAUFFEUR Driving Ms. Daisy, This Ain't! Corporal Christopher Furlong was nearly killed when his military convoy was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan. Years later he has remodeled his life to compensate for his injuries, new passion, girlfriend and a doting mother. He never forgot what he saw that day though, the moment before he was blasted into darkness, a window opened, and he had a glimpse into the fabric of reality and what it took, to disrupt or weaken it. If You Can See Through Illusion then You are The Solution Chris is heading for his daily work out and physiotherapy session when he is drawn into stopping an attempted abduction on the street. His reality flips, and in moments he's fighting for his life against Alien assassins, who want to kill a woman trapped in the car. He helps her to escape but is nearly killed in the process. Chris is rebuilt using biological techniques thousands of years ahead of human technology. And that's when his old world melts away to give rise to the new world of Candice Negasi and Extremis Foundation who are tasked with keeping the planet Earth in the hands of humans. Chris becomes her trusted Chauffeur, but as his gift of finding the weakness in any known system becomes acuter, he is to play a much larger role in protecting Earth from ultimate invasion.

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Delve into New Worlds

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We are all Time Travellers in a sense. Every day we alter our timelines with the choices we make. That's a powerful responsibility I think that's why I'm attracted to the premise.

Anton Marks

Anton Marks

Inspiring Novelist and Author

My name is Anton Marks and I'm a self-published author based in London.  My self-styled Urban Fantastic genre is a speculative fiction brand using crime, action adventure, horror, sword n soul and Sci-Fi - to highlight the black experience through the lens of the extraordinary. At present, I have ten books in the Amazon Kindle store, Dancehall, Bad II the Bone, In the Days of Dread, Bushman and 69 with three e-books Messiah, Chauffeur and Omega Point. In 2017 I published a Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel called Joshua N'Gon: The Last Prince of Alkebulahn for a market starved of young black heroes. In 2019 I launched the second in the supernatural thriller series Bad II the Bone titled Good II be Bad and the second in the series of his YA novel entitled Joshua N’Gon and the Battle for St. Augustine in 2020. The Sci-Fi thriller Pest Control will also drop in 2020. In 2021 book 3 in the Bad II the Bone series Good Girls Gone Bad will also be available. Join me on my journey.

About me

Good II be Bad

Y, Suzy, and Patra are thrown into the deep end as a massacre of terrorist proportions rocks the city of London. But Bad II the Bone know this is more than meets the eye and needs to head off this new supernatural threat with the powers they have been bestowed with. Miranda Pheare vampire queen from Jamaica has visited London for centuries. Every fifty years she commemorates the slaying of her lover by the shedding the blood of innocents. This visit was meant to be no different until she realizes The Guardians of the Light are protecting the city and they have the Heart of Aries, the only weapon in existence that can destroy her. The vampire Queen must do whatever it takes to obtain it but Bad II the Bone have other plans. With the supporting cast of vampires, demons and God's they must put Miranda Pheare's reign of terror to an abrupt end. They are ready but would it be enough to defeat an undead vampire Queen at the height of her powers? Only time would tell.


War of the Worlds

H. G. WELLS was a pioneer of modern science fiction. First serialized in the UK in 1897, The War of the Worlds is one of the earliest stories to depict conflict with an extraterrestrial race, and has influenced countless adaptations and sequels.


OCTAVIA E. BUTLER was the renowned author of numerous ground-breaking novels, including Kindred. In 1995 she became the first science- fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Fellowship ‘, Genius Grant.’ A pioneer of her genre, Octavia’s dystopian novels explore myriad themes of Black injustice, women’s rights, global warming, and political disparity.


CHARLES R. SAUNDERS has been writing African-inspired fantasy fiction since 1971. We have Saunders to thank for bringing color to the world of fantastical fiction. He is an African American man, writing stories based in a fictitious Africa. His work is full of rich imagery, exquisite scenes, and heroes that before him, didn’t exist in the genre.