Good II be Bad – Bad II the Bone Book 2

Y, Patra, and Suzy Wong are the legendary Guardians of the Light. Known in the personal protection world they frequent as Bad II the Bone. They are ordained warriors who must enforce a delicate mystical equilibrium in the city they love.

But the eternal balance between good and evil is crumbling around them. Every five decades Miranda Pheare matriarchal vampire of the Black Roses Clan returns to London from jamaica to shed blood in the memory of the man that turned her. The man she loved.

Miranda cuts short her murder spree as a Renaissance weapon surface that happens to be the one thing that has the power to destroy her. Miranda wants it at any cost but not before Bad II the Bone get their manicured hands on it first.  A line is drawn in the sand and together with Detective John Shaft and a little help from the Spider God – Anancy, the Guardians of the Light must stop the legions of the undead and their Jamaican Mistress before the streets of London run red.



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