Messiah – Urban Fantastic Shorts

Detective Inspector Winston ‘Shaft’ McFarlane is no stranger to the unexplained, but it seems his fledgling division, Black Book is becoming swamped with supernatural cases on an unprecedented scale.

And all because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It seems the balance between good and evil, needs to be righted and he meets the Guardians of the Light – three mystically gifted women who have a plan to mend the imbalance. A plan that includes him.

Enjoying a much-needed break he’s violently reminded that the world he inhabits is a monstrously dangerous and strange one. On his way to a music concert, Shaft is shanghaied into protecting a pregnant African woman from mysterious assailants. With Suzy Wong, one of the Guardians of the Light at his back, what starts off as voices in his head, ends with a bloody struggle between a body-hopping demon and his disciples.


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