Your Life is a Story. Live it.

If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.

Terry Pratchett

I think it’s an evolutionary thing. The beginning and the end of the year makes us as human beings introspective. Maybe our forefathers recognized the need to plan ahead and is solidly embedded in our collective consciousness. It just feels right for me to make plans for the year ahead and it’s an ideal opportunity to properly set goals and think big. Thinking big has never been a problem for me but it almost feels as if you are given permission at this time of year to create magic. I go with the flow and set no limits on myself because you never can tell where you can be.

Think about the process of goal achievement for a moment. In many ways, it’s like the preparation involved in writing a novel. How you go about achieving your goals this year is like figuring out a plot for your next book. The classic story structure of beginning, middle, and end is the incremental way you approach writing and with goal attainment.  You break it down into manageable chunks. Also in your novel, the main protagonists, antagonists, and other casts of characters are interacting in ways to move the story forward. Similarly, you will be working with mentors, partners, and fans throughout the year, and how you connect with those relationships will influence the outcome of your life.

Being the heroine of your story means having a destination, an outcome. What is the one goal that you want to achieve for this year? Make it big and bold but realistic. Something attainable – a belief which is another blog all on its own – is a necessary requirement.  Just make sure its a challenge and stretches you. You must be committed to making this story exciting, no one wants to live a dull life or for that matter, read a dull book.

In the process of creating your story, you must be thinking about conflict and how you will handle it or apply it. If there is one thing you can be assured of, is your best-laid plans will meet roadblocks. How will you as the main character in your life’s narrative handle and prepare against it? I propose you consider the downside to every situation with a premortem. It”s always better to be prepared.

Remember this is your hero’s journey.  The idea behind creating the best year of your life isn’t to shy away from challenges, it’s to face them. The only true lessons learned are from your mistakes. 

Go out and be the hero.

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