Chauffeur: Urban Fantastic Shorts


Driving Ms. Daisy, This Ain’t!

Corporal Christopher Furlong was nearly killed when his military convoy was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan.

Years later he has remodeled his life to compensate for his injuries, new passion, girlfriend and a doting mother. He never forgot what he saw that day though, the moment before he was blasted into darkness, a window opened, and he had a glimpse into the fabric of reality and what it took, to disrupt or weaken it.

If You Can See Through Illusion then You are The Solution

Chris is heading for his daily work out and physiotherapy session when he is drawn into stopping an attempted abduction on the street. His reality flips, and in moments he’s fighting for his life against Alien assassins, who want to kill a woman trapped in the car. He helps her to escape but is nearly killed in the process. Chris is rebuilt using biological techniques thousands of years ahead of human technology.

And that’s when his old world melts away to give rise to the new world of Candice Negasi and Extremis Foundation who are tasked with keeping the planet Earth in the hands of humans.

Chris becomes her trusted Chauffeur, but as his gift of finding the weakness in any known system becomes acuter, he is to play a much larger role in protecting Earth from ultimate invasion.



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