Omega Point – Urban Fantastic Shorts

The Present – Henry Duke eccentric Xeno-Linguist and archaeologist is found dead and his grandson Isaac is left with the unenviable task of completing his life’s work. Isaac has come to understand that his entire life has been in preparation for this moment.  A destiny that will have him discover a mythical alien structure coined the Tower of Bable and revealing its secrets. History will know him as the Architect and his discovery will change Africa and the world forever.
The Future – The Democratic African States is an economic powerhouse that has its allies and its enemies. Enemies who have discovered time travel and who will stop at nothing to rewrite the history of the continent. With stolen technology, agent Justice Nyanga of the African Intelligence Directorate has been sent to the past to eliminate that threat, protect the young Architect and stop the attack that could fracture the timeline and destroy the continent.



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